Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Outdoorsman's Guide to Bend, Oregon

The best thing about Bend, Oregon is that you have an unlimited amount of things to do no matter what season it is. Not only is Bend known for it's wide variety of outdoor activities, it also has the most beautiful scenery to enjoy your hobbies even more. Here's a guide we put together for locals or tourists to catch up on why we love this city so much. Follow the links to find out more information.

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Central Oregon is considered to be one of the capitals of mountain biking in the US. Bend, Oregon is a biker's paradise because there are about 300 miles of continuously linked trails that can be accessed on the West side of Bend. These trails are mostly known for being some of the smoothest bike trails in Oregon. One of the most famous trails here is the Three Sisters Scenic Bikeway. This trail is surrounded by some of the most nationally renowned rivers.

Click here to see a map of the bend cycling trails.


The amount of fish in and around Bend, Oregon is almost as great as the amount of places available to reel them in. In the spring, choices will range from Chinook salmon to brown trout in the Deschutes River. If you're a fly fisherman, you'll enjoy the black bass selection in the Prineville Reservoir. Because of the popularity of fishing in Bend, Oregon, you should prepare early for the season. Local outlets can run out of daily or 10-day permits. Hot fishing spots in or around Bend include Prineville Reservoir, Wickiup & Crane Reservoir, Elk Lake, Crescent & Odell Lake, Metolius River and Deschutes River.

Visit the Department of Fish and Wildlife website here to learn more about receiving permits.

Rock Climbing

According to National Geographic Magazine, Smith Rock State Park is known as a "bona fide climbing area." Smith Rock is in Terrebonne, right outside of Bend, and features some of the most cutting edge climbing rocks in the world. Rock climbing is not foreign to the area. In fact, Central Oregon has become an international rock climbing destination because of the many climbing areas. Smith Rock Park is about 651 acres, hovers around 3,000 feet in elevation and is open year-round.

Find out more about Smith Rock State Park here

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If you're an Oregonian, you either have hiked or heard of the hikes in Central Oregon. Central Oregon provides you with hiking trails in the mountains, near waterfalls, through the caves and around the lakes, there is truly a different kind of hike no matter where you go. Some of the most popular hikes include Oregon Desert Trail, Pilot Butte, Farewell Bend River Trail, Upper Deschutes River Trail, Lave Butte, Paulina, Tumalo Falls, Todd Lake, Metolius River Trail and so so many more. Whether you're looking for a short and easy or long and strenuous hike, you can find it in Bend or the surrounding areas.

To see the entire trail directory visit here

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Canoe, Kayak & Other River Activities

In the spring and summer while driving through Bend, there's no way you'll miss the mass amounts of kayakers and paddle boarders going down the Deschutes River. Although we love staying right here in Bend for river activities, there are so many other places to enjoy it as well in Central Oregon. Don't have a paddle board, raft, canoe, kayak or tub? There are tons of rental places all over for you and the family to enjoy a day out on the river.

For all the information you need on river activities visit here

Click here to find out more about what there is to do in Bend, Oregon!


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