Thursday, March 3, 2016

Great Tips for Moving into Your New Bend Oregon Home!

So, you bought a new home, you're moving to a new apartment, or maybe you're moving to a new state, whichever the case, you're left with the dreaded packing and moving duties. For someone who has moved too many times to count, I've come up with super easy and efficient ways to make you're moving day easier, and nearly stress free. Nearly.

Before you begin packing into boxes, go through your whole house room by room and go through all of your belongings. If you haven't used the item, or wore that ugly sweater that your dear Aunt gave you last Christmas, put it aside. There's no reason to pack things with you that you don't use/need/want.

What you'll need:

-Boxes, LOTS OF THEM!! If you're using a moving company, buy about 10 extra and if you end up not using them all, they're refundable. Better safe than sorry. Large Tupperware boxes work just as well. Never underestimate a large trash bag for linens or stuffed animals.

 -Box cutters (to open your boxes when you start to unpack)

 -Basic took kit (to disassemble and re assemble furniture)

 -Notebook, pens, and markers (preferably multiple colors)

 -Colored labels

 -Bubble wrap!

 -Packing paper

 -Small sealable bags (for loose ends, like hardware or cords)

 -Packing tape, and stretch tape (stretch tape sticks to itself, use to tape down drawers, residue free) 

-Set aside cleaning supplies to clean your old place when it's empty and your new place when you get there.

Begin Packing Early

Start your moving process two weeks before you have to be out. This way, when moving day comes, you're more prepared. If it's summer when your moving, might as well pack all your winter clothes away sooner the better.

Meet your notebook, markers and colored labels, they are your new best friend

When you're packing, have your notebook with you. When you're about to close a box, write down what's inside of the box, and give it a number. Number it in your notebook and number it on your box. By doing this, when you're packing up your moving truck you can tick off the boxes that go in the truck and the boxes that come off the truck. You will also now what is in what box. Avoid using "miscellaneous" labeling too much; try to be more specific on the box so everything will be accounted for. As for the colored labels, it's a good idea to give each one of your rooms a color. For example, use pink for the bathroom, stick a pink label on your bathroom boxes. You can stick a pink label on the bathroom door in your new home so the movers can place the boxes in the bathroom, saving you time and stress in the long run.

Room by room

Save yourself the headache, pack up your home room by room. It'll be less stressful if you begin packing one room and finish said room rather than packing a little bit of your kitchen, a little bit of your bedroom and a little bit of the living room. Having a whole house filled with half full boxes and half packed rooms is overwhelming. By going into one room, packing it, labeling it, and marking it. You'll feel a lot more accomplished and organized.

Keep like things together

Packing your desktop, TV's, DVD players, phones, etc. all come with cords. Put these cords in a plastic seal-able bag and tape them to the object they belong to. Nothing is more frustrating than having a box full of cords that are tangled, and not know where they belong. When you're taking apart furniture, shelves, or taking art off a wall, put the hardware in plastic bags and tape them to the object as well. It's much more convenient.

Things to keep with you, not on the truck

Make yourself a little travel bag, pack a couple outfits, toothbrush, make up, towel, etc. Since your packing everything a couple days before the moving truck arrives, it's best to have some things you can easily grab verses opening a box. Keep your personal and important documents on hand such as your birth certificate, social security card, and any financial information. Don't put your valuable, expensive jewelry on a moving truck. Also don't put rare book collections, antiques or artwork on a moving truck. Make room to fit all these items in your car and keep with you.

Save money!

If your using a moving company, you can often get package deals with boxes and bubble wrap. Buy more boxes than you need just in case and return the ones you haven't used. However, most restaurants and other stores just recycle their boxes; it doesn't hurt to ask if you can have them. Team Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty in Bend, Oregon gives you a complimentary truck to use to help move your house to your home when you buy with them.  

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