Thursday, March 10, 2016

Considering Selling Your Bend, Oregon Home this Spring? Here’s What You Need to Know



  1. Demand is everything
Spring is the biggest time of year for what realtors call “foot traffic.” Foot traffic refers to the amount of people actually physically looking at your home. Thanks to the weather, spring is the perfect time of year for buyers to spend their days going out to see your home. It’s much easier to fall in love with a home when you’re actually inside of it instead of just browsing through pictures. More foot traffic equals higher chance of selling your home faster!
  1. Timing
Usually Spring is a very popular time for people to sell and buy a home because it is the least busy. The holidays are all over and the kids are still in school, it will be easier to time manage looking for a home or putting it on the market. Getting it on the market before summer, when sales are happening the fastest out of any time of the year, is key in making sure your home is ready, staged and prepped for busy buyer traffic.    



Here are 3 reasons why you should use an agent versus doing it all on your own.

  1. This is their profession
Remember that this is what they do full time. Find an agent who knows your area well and has been doing it long enough to know what to do in most scenarios. They are used to dealing with other agents and negotiating to get their client exactly what they need.
  1. Negotiation is not easy
If you’ve sold a bought a home multiple times before on your own with ease, then you may be good to go. But, remember that an agent has the ability to negotiate much differently than the seller would. All you have to do with your agent is voice your opinions or concerns, leave it at that, and watch them do their magic. They’ll spend their time writing up counter offers or addendums and negotiate with the other agent to make sure you walk away satisfied in the sale.  You can rely on them while you handle your own personal life.
  1. Tricky Contracts
To be an agent, you have to know the ins and outs of all real estate paperwork. Contracts can be very tricky and confusing if you don’t have any experience with them. They do this all day long and have made it their profession. They can even translate what the contracts all mean in a very easy to understand way.  


For an overview of the current Central Oregon real estate market click here



Whether you're staying or selling, knowing the value of your home can be very beneficial. You might be selling your home, refinancing, making improvements, or getting a line of credit, you should always be-in-the-know. If you've been thinking of doing any of those things with your home, we purchased access to an up-to-date Central Oregon home sales estimator tool that tells you what price your home will sell for based on neighborhood sales data.

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I'll give you an extremely accurate price estimate since I know the area and talk to Central Oregon home buyers every day. I can also send an email to my database of people looking to own a home if you're thinking of selling soon, and promote it online. So, we all need good news - and I'm happy to say we have a strong Central Oregon real estate market right now!          

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