Thursday, November 15, 2012

Helpful Ways to Sell your Home in Bend, Oregon
If you've ever shopped for real estate in Bend, Oregon chances are you've come across one or two you really wish you hadn't visited. Houses are supposed to have a certain “lived-in” air to them, because houses are meant to be lived in. However it’s important to balance hominess and neutrality. By having candles burning that smell like fresh baked cookies, neutral earth tones and having all housemates dress nice or be absent when buyers come to view your house, the buyer is going to be able to imagine themselves being home easier. The goal is to sell your home, and sell it fast. Having the potential buyer feel at home from the get-go and taking the time to stage your house appropriately by taking the following into consideration, you’re doing something a lot of homeowners neglect to do.

1.       External Aesthetics’
The first thing a buyer sees is the outside of your property and the way it looks and fits in the neighborhood. Doing simple things such as power washing your driveway, giving the house a fresh coat of paint, having a finely manicured lawn with appealing landscaping are just a few simple ways to drastically improve the aesthetics of your property before the buyer looks inside. Replacing your roof, the wobbly stair or adding a patio to your pool are also important extras.

2.       Hire a Techno Savvy Agent
In today’s world, people are used to immediate gratification. The real estate industry has only been improving in accessibility to buyers and sellers. It’s important to find a listing agent who uses social media to get buyers looking at your property from multiple networks. From Facebook, blogs, numerous selling sites, to YouTube, these medias help buyers to be able to quickly contact your agent. Luckily for everyone in Bend, Oregon, Team Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty’s agents are fully connected to all social media networks to help sell your home fast!

3.       De-Clutter!
Whether a buyer is looking online or coming directly to your property they want to be able to picture themselves making your property their home. Removing clutter such as knick knacks, family photos, other personal or hobby related items and even some furniture helps to make rooms look bigger. De-cluttering is a great way to make your space more desirable. Don’t fill your space with gender related things, either. Light to medium colors such as beige and earth tones are the simplest way to pull buyers attention from any personal aspects of your home. When decorated with neutral colors, it’s easier for potential buyers to imagine their things in the space.  In real estate, appearing more desirable is a sure fire way to have your property get sold. Having a buyer identify with the home is one of the major hurdles in home-selling.

4.       Appear Move-in Ready
Not only are aesthetics important when you’re trying to sell your property by being clutter free, clean, and open, having the space be move-in ready is another important factor you want to take into consideration.  Making sure the roof isn’t leaky; all the appliances are in working order, as well and electrical and plumbing fixtures being up to code. Having the house ready to live in gives potential buyers the impression they will be able to move right in and not have to spend time or money fixing it up. Putting extra effort in re-caulking, plastering, window cleaning, adding indoor plants and edging your walkways will pay off in the end.

5.       The Price is Right
It’s not important to be the lowest price on the block, however keep in mind you want to be in line with comparable homes in your neighborhood. Your agent can provide you with the rates of homes surrounding you. By having real estate professionals, friends and neighbors weigh in what a reasonable price is you can put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and make a fair price for your property.

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