Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Should You Accept An All Cash Offer For Your Bend Oregon Home?

During the last two years it’s been common to hear stories from homeowners who have received all cash offers for their Bend Oregon Homes.

Although it might seem easy at first to accept this type of offer for your home it’s always better to first take a step back and think before you agree or disagree to accept an all cash offer.

When You Should Accept An All Cash offer

Let’s be honest, accepting an all cash offer would be awesome right?

Not only will you have confidence in the buyer when they pay you with cash for your home you will also be able to enjoy closing in as little as 6 days compared to 3 weeks or longer with a financed offer.

Instead of having to concern yourself with a home buyer who has a mortgage loan you can sell your home with confidence knowing that the buyer is paying all cash but what if there are better offers out there?

Small Percentage of Sales

As of 2014 only 40% of homes sold across the United States were all cash offers.

Why all cash are offers for Bend Oregon Homes not always the best idea for you?

Let’s say you have two offers on the table; one offer is all cash, while the second offer is a financed offer, and that offer will pay you 30% more for your home than the all-cash offer.

It makes more sense to accept the financed offer versus the all-cash offer.

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