Friday, April 5, 2013

First Friday Tonight!

Don't miss First Friday tonight!
Deschutes Playing Card by Aaron Trotter

It’s Friday!!! One of the most exciting days of the week. Knowing that the work week is almost over for the majority of us, is like hearing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, eating delicious meal with complex flavors, or getting a wonderful deep tissue massage. Friday is always something very traditional at the same time. It means that everyone will have its normal “Friday routine” including bars, restaurants, movies and clubs.  Simply said - Partying. So why not to think of different ways to celebrate weekend’s arrival? Well, you are very lucky, because today is the First Friday. This is not your normal Friday. First Friday of each month, downtown becomes alive and turns into completely different place. Just like in fairy tales, but instead of jesters, fools and harlequins, it is filled with all kinds of musicians, artists and performers. Many businesses stay open late and serve magic potions, in a form of wine and beer. Amazingly talented local and national artists will present their work. Come downtown tonight and enjoy your Friday!

To get more details on what's happening tonight click here 

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