Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tallest public art sculpture to be installed in Bend

The new roundabout at Mt. Washington Drive and Simpson Avenue will be decorated with 39 foot steel pipe sculpture titled "High Desert Spiral" by Seattle artist John Fleming on Monday, April 15.
"Message Wall" by John Fleming 
The artwork is inspired by the way traffic spirals around the roundabout, the possibility of bikes and runners spiraling around a pylon in a race, and even the way lava cools into spirals.  “All of these ideas inspired High Desert Spiral,” says Fleming.    
The height, movement and lava orange color of the steel blades make it a unique addition to Bend’s public art collection. "High Desert Spiral" is the tallest public art sculpture to be installed in Bend by Art in Public Places.

Click here to get more of Fleming's amazing art

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