Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Selling Your Home in Central Oregon? Here is how to Stage Your Home to Sell!

Have you ever wondered as a seller as to why some homes sell quickly while others remain on the market for several months or even years? 
The way a home is staged, has a lot to do with how easily and quickly it will sell!Homes staging refers to the process of making your home more appealing to potential buyers. Staging can occur both on the inside and outside of the home!
Consider this—a home with bright green, neatly trimmed grass vs a home that has grass and weeds growing knee high. There is an immediate impression of the home when a potential buyer takes their first look at the home. This impression can quickly change depending on how the home is staged.

  • De-Clutter: One of the key points to staging a home is to first de-clutter the home. This means removing unnecessary objects and furniture from the home! Below are a couple more examples on how to stage your home to sell!
  • Walls and Ceiling: A home that is freshly painted can go a long way when trying to sell! Chipping paint or stained walls will leave a tainted first impression of the home!
  • Painting: When painting your home for staging, you will want to go with a light, neutral color. This will make your home feel more inviting and appealing to the general buyer. When a home is painted with bold or bright wall colors, while some may enjoy this, for others this can come across as tacky to others.
  • Lighting: Homes that are well-lit are more welcoming to potential buyers, rather than those that are dark and dreary. You want to make your home feel comfortable for the potential buyer, you want them to have a sense of comfort, as a place that they would want to be in! Also be mindful of the lighting that you have. Make sure that your lighting is bright and helps to open up smaller spaces.
  • Odor: Before any scheduled visits to the home, you will want to make sure to air out the home of any odors! Any kind of foul odor whether is be from pets or food, it is often immediately noticeable! This can quickly taint the impression of the home. Buyers become immediately distracted by the scent and do not focus on the home itself
  • Lawn and Garden: If you have a lawn in the front of your house or a garden in the back yard, you will want to make an effort to tidy it up! As the lawn can be the very first thing, a potential buyer notices about the home, so make a good impression with a few flowers and trimmed grass. You want the potential buyers to feel as though this will be a place of relaxation.
Make these changes to your home when thinking about selling and you are setting yourself up for a quicker, easier sale of your home!
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