Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bend Oregon Home Buyer Tips - What To Expect From The Home Inspection

As a Bend Oregon Home Buyer purchasing a home will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life but before you can buy a home you must first contact a licensed home inspector to have them thoroughly inspect the home from top to bottom.In today's post we will cover all of the things you need to be aware of so you can be ready for your first home inspection.


Step 1 – Where To Find A Home Inspector

When searching for a licensed home inspector it's best to search online. Before choosing any home inspector make sure you choose someone who is both experienced and has plenty of feedback online from their satisfied clients.

Step 2 – What The Home Inspector Will Ask For

When speaking with a licensed home inspector you should be prepared to provide them with the following information about the home you want to purchase including: foundation type, age of house, price of home, square feet of home and directions to the house.

Step 3 – When To Schedule The Appointment

Always be prepared to attend the home inspection with your home inspector so you can accompany that individual during the inspection and learn more about the home. It's also important to contact the Bend Oregon home inspector at least 48 hours in advance if you are unable to attend the home inspection for any reason and have to cancel it.

Step 4 – How Long The Inspection Will Take

A thorough home inspection will take up to 3 hours from start to finish so be prepared to spend a good portion of your day at the house. If the Bend Oregon home you're interested in purchasing has unusual equipment and or older systems like: HVAC or sump pump you may be required to schedule a separate appointment to have those other systems inspected.
For more information about what to expect during a home inspection contact the Birtola Garmyn Real Estate Team today by calling us at (541) 312-9449.

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