Monday, June 22, 2015

Why should you make repairs before selling your home? Here are 5 Reasons:

Why should you make repairs before selling your home? Here are 5 Reasons:

  1. You’ll be able to stay firm on your price –
Avoid price reductions or counter offers by ensuring that you have fixed all the necessary repairs. If a buyer wants to make an offer on your home, they will have no reason to ask for a lower price!  
  1. You’ll have to repair it anyway –
To list your home, you will have to have an inspection done. The inspector will suggest to you what the necessary and important repairs are before your home should go on the market. Unfortunately, there’s really no avoiding it. You will have to fix the problems, credit money back to your buyers or drop your original price!  
  1. A well maintained home will get more offers –
A home that’s completely prepped and ready to sell will increase its appeal and be much more desirable. Impress your potential buyers by having the most well maintained home on the market!  
  1. It will actually save you money! –
Many small and common repairs are very easy to fix yourself! Tackle them in a single weekend and spend very little money. Most likely they’re the repairs you were planning on making anyways. Remember that anything that bothers you, will likely bother a buyer. They could ask you to drop the price by an amount much larger than the total amount of money you’d spend just fixing the repairs!  
  1. Your home will sell faster! –
When an agent brings a prospective buyer to show your house, there is a whole list of things they’re going to be looking for. If they walk in and see no damage or needed repair, the more likely they will put up an offer as soon as possible before anyone else does. Don’t give them any reason to walk away!  


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