Friday, April 10, 2015

Decorating for Spring!

Slipcovers – they’ve come a long way, baby!
Duvetcovers, an age-old favorite in European countries, have made their way into the US a few years ago and are now fairly popular.  Why wouldn’t they be; within minutes you can change the looks and mood of your bedroom.  But what about your living room, how can you bring that fresh feeling of Spring into your living and great room?  The answer is: Slipcovers!
If you think slipcovers are loose, floppy, and ill-fitting, think again! Slipcovers have so much to offer these days — from family and pet friendliness (think allergies!) to sleek plain or printed custom options — and have the potential to make your life at home easier and more beautiful.
 Think CASUAL , think ELEGANT, think PRINTS – they come in all sizes, customized to different shapes of furniture and in many different designs.

  • Dining Room: If you have a worn out dining set or want to change the look or go super elegant, slipcovers for your dining chairs can transform your entire dining room. They can even give your old wooden chairs an upholstered look.
  • Living Room: Slipcovers can cover more than sofas and chairs.  Benches, ottomans, and console table can be fitted also, for a fresh look. They don’t need to be beige either. Whatever your style, shabby chic, contemporary, plain, pleated, or elegant– you can find them all or have the custom made.
  • Bedroom: How about freshening up more than just the duvet?  You can buy or (easily) make slip covers for your head board to transform your bedroom into the new look you’ve been craving.
  • Coffee Tables:  Why not, right?!  In a short time you can transform an old or a worn our outdoor coffee table into a nice little cozy focal point.

  • Ottomans:  Sometimes just giving your ottoman a new look can give the entire room a new feel.  Craft a few accent pillows or new drapes in the same or complementing design and VOILA, you get a whole new feel and style.

But most of all, keep in mind that the rule of thumb is to let your imagination take over and to stay with good quality fabrics.  HAVE FUN!     


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