Friday, January 9, 2015

Should You Sign An Exclusive Buyers Agreement To Buy A Bend Oregon Home?

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Should you sign an exclusive buyer’s agreement when buying a Bend Oregon Home? The answer is yes.

What Is An Exclusive Buyers Agreement?

An exclusive buyer’s agreement will give your Realtor peace of mind in knowing that you will only be working with them to buy a home instead of multiple buyer’s agents at one time.

Although it might seem like it’s better to work with multiple listing agents at once the reality is that if you use this tactic the other agents who were trying to help you find a home will lose time and money once you decide to buy a home in Bend through one agent.

Signing an exclusive buyer’s agreement will also be an “asset” for you since it guarantees that your agent will be working hard on your behalf, saving you time and money, so you don’t have to search for homes yourself.

Safety & Security

Besides peace of mind an exclusive buyer’s agreement will also provide your Real Estate agent with an extra layer of safety.

Your Realtor will know that you’ve taken the extra step to fill out the exclusive buyer’s agreement before they show you Bend Oregon Homes for Sale and this will give them peace of mind in knowing that you are a serious buyer when they show you homes for sale.

In 2014 we saw several cases of Realtor's across the country who were injured and murdered on the job recently when they were showing clients homes for sale in their cities or towns.

An exclusive buyer’s agreement provides Realtor's with more information about the buyers they are going to meet with personally so they can ultimately decide if a prospective buyer is someone they want to meet with or not.

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