Friday, August 22, 2014

Reasons to Love Bend, Oregon

Reasons to Love Bend, Oregon

Oregon to most people is a far off distant land that never makes the news, gets by-passed on the weather channel, and has been the brunt of many Jeff Foxworthy jokes.  If you actually live in Oregon, especially Bend, you realize the beauty of the state and just how spoiled you are if you have the opportunity to live here, and who else can say “I walked up a dormant volcano on my lunch break.”?

Bend is a unique place with a variety of things to do and see.   You can start your day by eating at a great local restaurant and then travel ten minutes and hop on a paddle board or get an air mattress and take a relaxing float down the Deschutes River through the Old Mill District where you’re likely to see runners, bikers, shoppers, and maybe a rock chuck or two :).

If you’re a little more adventures you can get on your mountain bike or even rent one at the many bike stores in town and head out on Phil’s trail or the other 227 miles of single track bike trails, just be careful of the kamikaze chipmunks that feel the need to dart out in front of you at any given time.  Not only do we have mountain bike trails, the hiking in and around Bend is phenomenal.  You can climb our many mountains like Broken Top or South Sister, ski and snowboard down Mount Bachelor, walk by the river on the River Trail, or even go see the desert oasis where a water fall use to tumble over in to Whychus Creek at Alder Springs.

Let’s not forget Bend’s love of animals, especially dogs.  With 7 off lease dog parks in town and two small dog parks, Bend has our dogs covered.  People even put out water bowls downtown incase our dog gets thirsty.  To top it off, the Bob Wenger Memorial off-lease area created a water park for dogs where your dog can get sprayed down if they’re over heated.

Besides Bend’s love for dogs, beer is what has put Bend on the map.  There is one brewery for every 4,500 people, meaning we have the most breweries per capita in the State of Oregon.  Besides breweries, we also have growler fill stations all over the place, and you can even take the Bend Ale Trail and discover all the beer Bend has to offer.

Yes, Bend may seem like a far off land that most people associate with bears, deer, and cougars, and while we may run across a deer or a coyote or two, Bend will always hold a special place in people’s hearts when they come to visit.  It’s not only the views of the Cascades that make people move here or long to visit, it is the people and the unique vibe Bend gives off that touches people forever.

Do you love Bend? Share your experiences with us in the comments box! We would love to hear from you!

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