Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Do You Think The Real Estate Market Is Healthy?

Even in today's real estate market, there are still some people who doubt and proclaim that the housing market is still unhealthy.
"Being a home owner has stopped being a piece of the American Dream. Climbing interest rates are killing interest. Young adults are overloaded with an excessive amount of student loans." 
Naysayers, lets put things into layman's terms: 13,945 houses sold yesterday. 13,945 today, and 13,945 will sell tomorrow. 13,945!
As of now, 13,945 is the country's average number of homes sold every single day, consistent with the National Association Of Realtors' (NAR) most recent Existing Home Sales Report. There have been 5.09 million homes sold in 2013, according to the report. How about we divide that number by 365 (days in a year) to find that almost, on average, 14,000 homes sold per day.
NAR presumed that sales had grown 9.1% compared with 2012 and that it was the market's strongest gain since 2006.
We do understand that these numbers are well beneath the record for homes sold throughout the boom. On the other hand, we additionally realize that we may not see those numbers again for a quite long time (and that is likely a good thing). To say that the present real estate is unhealthy is completely wrong. We have nearly 14,000 bits of proof to demonstrate that.


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