Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Best Hiking Trails around Bend, Oregon!


We've compiled a list of just a few of the hundreds of trails in and around Bend that we think all locals and tourists have to try! We don't think you'll be disappointed.


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Pilot Butte State Park

Round trip distance: 2 miles

Located in the heart of Bend, Pilot butte is an easy and very accessible butte to hike. There are two ways up and down Pilot Butte, which means you can switch up your route each time you hike it! At the very top are resting areas and incredible Cascade Mountain and city views.

Find more info and directions click here


Farewell Bend River Trail Loop

Round trip distance: 3 miles

For this loop, you first start at Farewell Bend Park at the Bill Healy Bridge on Reed Market Road and you follow the trail under the bridge to your left. There are beautiful forest and river views the whole way through! Along your way you will have river access, public restrooms and picnic shelters. Farewell Bend Park is also one of the most popular areas in Bend to start at when floating the river.

For more info and directions click here


Tumalo Falls

Round trip distance: 8 miles

Tumalo Falls is mostly famous for the incredible 100 foot waterfall at the end of the 4 mile trail. It's become a huge destination for tourists all over.  Tumalo Falls is great for hiking or biking your way through. Along the way are beautiful forest and river views. Some of the trails that leave from Tumalo Falls include North Fork Trail, Tumalo Creek Trail and Farewell Trail.

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Smith Rock State Park

Distances vary according to starting point

Located near Terrebonne, Smith Rock State Park is one of the most famous state park's for tourists in all of Oregon. If visiting Central Oregon, making a trip over to Smith Rock State Park is more than worth it. Smith Rock is known for it's hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, road cycling, The Crooked River, fishing, horseback riding, wildlife viewing and camping. It is also one of the most well known spots for dog lovers to take their pooches for a hike and choose an easy loop or a difficult one. The park is made up of huge towering golden red volcanic rocks jutting up from the canyon while the river winds right around it, it will leave you for a loss of words!

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Benham Falls

Distances vary according to starting point

Benham falls is one of Deschutes River's most popular falls, and we get the pleasure of being able to hike or bike next to it! The hike along the river takes you through a rocky beautiful pine forest where you'll enjoy the rush of the falls. You won't see the kind of tall Cascading falls you did it Tumalo, but the stretch of exciting whitewater and lovely views is just as good! Benham Falls is also right next to two other major trails with falls along them, Dillon Falls and Lava Island falls. On your hike you can make a trip to all three!

For more info and directions click here



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