Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Easy Fixes to Increase the Value of Your Home


Curb Appeal – The First Impression

FRONT YARD: Pretend you are visiting your home for the first time. Is it inviting and draws you in, or do you immediately see areas that need cleaning up? Buyers like to be wooed by a nice front yard and they will notice everything – the trees, the grass, the driveway, shrubs that need maintenance and the flower pots that are begging for some new spring planting. – Keep the grass mowed, the shrubs and trees pruned, the pathway clean, and spread some mulch to make it all look nice and taken care of.
DOOR & BELL: The front door should be inviting, not flimsy, or outdated, or have a color that does not match the house. Your door bell should have a button that is not broken and it should function.
WINDOWS & SCREENS: Windows should be clean and screens should be clean and without tears. Some inexpensive screen repair kits can help you out in those cases.

Inside Your Home

SCENTS: If you've had PETS or were a SMOKER, make sure the house doesn't still have the smells lingering. Buyers want to see and smell a clean house. It also gives them the impression that your home was well taken care of.
FAUCETS: Drip….drip….drip…. Check your FAUCETS! Are they all in good functioning order? Make sure all the plumbing is taken care of before the first buyer comes to see the house.
COLORS: Your idea of a cozy home wall color may not be the buyers' idea. If you liked strong colors, give it all a coat of paint and keep it neutral in beige and grey tones.
LIGHTS: Are all the light bulbs working inside and out? Everyone likes to give the switches a try and see what turns on. Make sure it all works.
DOOR HINGES: Squeaky hinges have not that big of an effect on buyers, but it's such a small thing to fix: a little WD40 on the door hinges and they work smoothly again.
SPOTS: Any spots on carpets and other floor surfaces should be removed. They will keep the buyers' eyes fixated on them, rather than on the rest of your home's positive features.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

Think of your kitchen as the home's business card. Of course, replacing an entire kitchen can run into
some serious cost, but small improvements can go a long way: new coat of paint, new cabinet handles,
clean and uncluttered kitchen counters, clean and shiny sink.


Last, but not least - and speaking of clutter…. If you want your buyers to imagine themselves in your
house, remember that they come with furniture! Make room so they can imagine their "stuff" in your
space. The less of your personal items are visible, the better.

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